Full line of heavy gauge  T-304 Stainless Steel Tips. 
Sizes ranging from 2-1/2" outside diameter to a HUGE 4" diameter specifically designed to fit 3-1/2" diesel tail pipes. 
Lengths ranging from  6" to 24". 
Angle or straight cut designs. 
Fit a variety of applications  by cutting or expanding to fit larger pipe dimensions. 
Etched with the BULLET™ Logo and individually wrapped  and boxed. 
Custom sizes and lengths made to order. 
Dual wall and resonated tip designs available. 

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 Stainless Steel Tips 


Stainless Steel Tips:

2-1/2" Exhaust Tips
3" Exhaust Tips
3-1/2" Exhaust Tips
4" Exhaust Tips
Dual Wall Exhaust Tips
Resonated Exhaust Tips